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How to Register

STEP ONE: Information

Visit our website, read about why & how to become an AEFL Provider, benefits and opportunities and see if this right  for you and your business. 

Step 1

STEP TWO: Step by Step

Go to “AEFL Providers – How to Join”

Download the “How to become an AEFL Provider” Infographic

Step 2

STEP THREE: Certification

Are you AEFL Certified? 

Did you achieve your certification in the last 3 years?

Yes, Certified but not Valid - Re-Certification is an easy process. Book and attend a level 1 facilitator clinic. Meet the criteria for re-certification and submit evidence via the “upload portal” for assessment.

Not Certified - Book and attend a clinic or complete a Level 1 Certificate – Please find information available on our website under “Workshop’s & Clinic’s” when the next clinic is in QLD and VIC.

Step 3

STEP FOUR: Provider Registration

  • Complete the Online registration form.

  • Pay non- refundable membership fee

  • Complete the AEFL Provider Activity Form and Submit evidence via the online “upload portal”

  • Current AEFL Certificate

  • First Aid & CPR

  • WWC and/or NDIS Cards

  • Certificate of Currency

Step 4

STEP FIVE: Registration Processing

  • Once all your documents are uploaded

  • Non-Refundable Membership fee is paid

  • An AEFL Team member will process your registration  

For any question regarding processing please contact:

Step 5

STEP SIX: Successful Registration

  • An AEFL Team member will contact you for;

    • High Resolution Logo

    • Information about your Service, Qualifications, Contact Details & other relevant Information

    • A success story for FB

    • A Link to the downloadable business documents and templates

    • Discount Codes for Clinic’s & AEEL Shop

    • Information about our upcoming AEFL Events

Step 6
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