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Horse Agility

A recent addition to the AEFL repertoire is Horse Agility. This relatively new “sport” is like a horse version of dog agility and is done completely on the ground with the horse on-line or at liberty depending on skill and ability levels. It is now a competitive sport but the horsemanship required and type of obstacles used fit very well with those utilised in EFL sessions. Participants can gain certificates for attaining certain levels of ability many of which would be well within the capability of EFL clients when partnered with appropriately trained horses.


This “official” recognition of development and ability can be very rewarding for many clients and provide a structure and purpose to their interaction with a horse that they find appealing. Many riders find the skills they develop doing Agility only improve their riding experience and give them a calmer more compliant and less reactive horse.


Agility can provide focus and purpose to certain exercises and seems to enhance the overall EFL experience for some clients so is now included in many EFL activities. AEFL has already run Agility sessions and many new clubs are now being formed which gives non-riders and horses that (for whatever reason) cannot be ridden a whole new sphere of activity including competition if they so wish.


AEFL are now running Agility Fun Days at a variety of venues across Victoria. These will mainly be hosted by AEFL members but are open to all who wish to improve their horsemanship in a less formal, co-operative and fun environment. Children are especially welcome (but can bring an adult as well!) and horses/ponies can usually be provided if you are not bringing your own ($10 additional charge for this service). See Events page for dates/venues.


The same horsemanship principles and ability are required for Agility and EFL and can only complement each other. For more information on Horse Agility please see Elaine Hughes is an accredited Horse Agility International Trainer.

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