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EFL Induction
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What you
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  • What, When & Where

  • ​Clinic Outline

  • AEFL Philosophy 

  • Fees

  • Contact Details

  • Booking Process

What is it?

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) information sessions are run by Australian Equine Facilitated Learning (AEFL) Trainers and Assessors. AEFL is Australia’s leading equine assisted education and learning information session for students, parents or, interested parties wanting to understand and see how a career or therapeutic interaction as an Equine Facilitator or participant can benefit others.   The introduction workshop allows participants to ask questions, experience, and witness Equine Facilitated Learning.

Our facilitators come from varied and diverse backgrounds with different motivations and horse skills. Most of them have worked with horses and from their own experiences have wanted to share this horse healing power with others.


When is it?

Please visit the website or Facebook page for the most current Clinic and Workshop Dates.

Where is it?

The sessions are held in 2 locations yearly. Victoria & Queensland.

Victoria is hosted at the beautiful and historical Tooradin Estate.


Tooradin Estate is a 300-acre property situated 60kms southeast of Melbourne in South Gippsland, which boasts endless paddocks, working yards, arenas and cross-country course, the local pony club, and the RDA.

Queensland is hosted by Ebony Cox Equine Services in the sunshine coast hinterland, situated 45 mins north from the Sunshine Coast airport in the bustling town of Gympie. The purpose built EFL Centre provides arenas, yards, obstacles and numerous working areas for clients and horses.

AEFL Philosophy

This course is not about working with client or horses as individuals, but about bringing them together for a therapeutic interaction that promotes strategies to attain healthier relationships that can improve wider group and family dynamics.

The session consists of demonstrations, practical field-based information scientifically based by the latest research. We believe there is no greater teacher than the environment we live in – real world application is where we excel.


The Australian Equine Facilitated Learning Team was developed and is run by professional horse trainers, qualified equine scientists, business owners and equine enthusiasts. – Elaine Russell & Ebony Cox

Clinic Outline

  • Participants will attend the EFL Introduction Session with AEFL Assessors and Trainers, participation is encouraged.

  • Attendees will be guided through concepts, history, and benefits.

  • Attendees will engage with types of training or career options they can embark on.

  • A series of demonstrations will be available to be viewed or engaged in.

  • Understanding the horse and the client.

  • Ability to ask questions.

  • Catering: Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea Provided.

  • For Professional Development Certificate of Attendance Awarded.


Whilst it is not a pre-requisite to have horse skills and experience, it would be difficult to meet the required criteria in a level 1-3 without having worked with horses in some capacity before. Initially the work is all ground-based so riding ability is not necessary.

What AEFL does not require is any kind of medical or mental health qualification.  

Level Summary

Introduction Workshop is all inclusive – Information Session

Level 1 is open to all to access and can be used for professional development for certificated facilitators and AEFL members.

Level 2 cannot be undertaken without attending a Level 1 clinic – the criteria does not have to be submitted.

Mounted level can only be undertaken by those who have attended a Level 2 clinic and completed the assessment criteria and received a level 1 certificate.

Travelling to the Clinic/Workshop

Although we do not anticipate schedule changes, we highly recommend that you secure reliable transport to and from the workshop. AEFL cannot assist with Travel Plans. AEFL Pty Ltd is not responsible for any financial loss that you may suffer. If you are unable to attend the session or if the session is not running for any reason.

Booking Process

Step 1 - Head to the website –

Step 2 - Sign up/Log in to the website – Ensure that you have all your details current and valid.

Step 3 - Head to the Workshops and Clinics Tab & Select Upcoming Courses.

Step 4 - Click – Book Clinic – Complete the Booking form - ensure you complete any dietary requirements, information about you and your horse experience, media consent & emergency contact information.

Step 5 - Pay the Deposit to secure your booking.

Step 6 – Settle your outstanding invoice 3 week before the start of the clinic.

Clinic Fees & Package Inclusions


  • Tuition & Learning Content

  • Classroom Booking & Amenities

  • Morning, Lunch & Afternoon Tea

  • Horse Hire & Property Management

  • All Learning Materials – Books, Pads, Pens, Folders, Paper, Printing etc

  • Insurance – Professional Indemnity & Public Liability at clinics

  • Non-Refundable Deposit

Total Package (ex GST)


*Prices subjected to change without notice

Refund & Cancellation Policy

The deposit is non-refundable.  

If you cancel your position in the clinic less than 2 weeks prior to the clinic/workshop your deposit will not be returned.

Refer to Cancellation & Refund Policy

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