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Horses & Holistic Wellness

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Join the team at AEFL for some time out for relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection and carve out some space for self-care!

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in a new positive experience in the tranquil setting of Tooradin Estate. This 300-acre property has areas of natural bushland with native flora and fauna as well as being home to a large number of horses!

Animal Love

Getting Into Nature

Getting into nature has a positive impact on concentration, learning, problem solving and creativity as well as enhancing mental health and well-being

Here at AEFL we have a herd of equine specialists to help you immerse yourself in the moment, breath into nature and relax.  They are assisted by some human interpreters to help enhance and inform your experience

Bookings Essential

The Science Bit

A study using neuroimaging (fMRI) found lower activation of the part of the brain that signals fear and threat (amygdala) after a 60 minute walk in a natural environment compared to an urban environment.  This feeling was associated with reports of feeling “restored”. About 20 minutes could significantly reduce your levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and reduce depression and anxiety. 

Added to this, we have our unique stress busters – horses! They help lower blood pressure and increase endorphins – the feel good hormone.



We have many years of experience in helping people understand and build relationships with horses. In this age of high-tech, managed-care service delivery it is easy to forget that there are non-traditional treatment options that can be beneficial. Just being around horses can change human brainwave patterns allowing people to be more calm, cantered and focused

Spending time with horses encourages mindfulness by requiring you to respond to the immediate environment and focus on your horse and its needs.  By promoting self awareness and empathy, reducing stress and building self-esteem, horses can help you feel good about yourself and enable you to act compassionately toward yourself and others.


How does this look?

This encounter starts with a meet and greet – get acquainted with the AEFL team and each other and orient to the environment

Watch the herd while getting information about herd behaviour and what to expect when you get in with the horses.

Grounding exercise – practice getting present, the how and why


Find a Friend – go out into the herd and see how connection happens and feels – we’ll help you with this part, it’s often different in practice to theory!


Tea-break – 30 minutes

Lets feel good about your experience and bring everyone present together with a circle of compassion and recognition of your achievement and your horse’s input.


There will be time afterwards to discuss your individual experiences and suggestions of “where to next” if required


Our Vision

The idea is basically that individuals have an enjoyable experience and leave feeling better than they arrived! Everyone should experience the magic of horses at least once in their lifetime.  If you want to come back again - great!

We have a partially undercover area but most of our time will be in the open with the horses. So wear waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear or gumboots! Just a heads-up people, horses don’t care what you look like – there are no designer fashion victims in this herd (people included).  They are VERY impressed with carrots tho ……..

If the weather is really challenging we will postpone.  We will try and give you 24 hours notice if this is likely.

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