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Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) in Australia

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HChatLogo.png has shared an interview that was done with Elaine Russell back in 2018.

Follow the links below to check out their page, have a read and listen to the interview


Insurance cover for Mounted EFL


As many of you are aware, IICT has been providing insurance cover for EFL Facilitators for a number of years (although the underwriters of that cover have changed several times). The current underwriters now provide insurance for Mounted work as well as Groundwork as long as Facilitators have the appropriate AEFL certificate.


AEFL has been the recognized Platinum Training Provider for EFL for IICT for most of this time.  This means that those who want to include Mounted work in their services can now do so for a very reasonable insurance cost.  AEFL provide Mounted training that will allow Facilitators to access this cover however applicants have to fulfil certain pre-requisites to attend an EFL Mounted clinic

  • Provide evidence of successful completion of EFL Level 1 and 2

  • Provide evidence of successful completion of Level 1 and attendance of a Level 2 clinic but may not have completed the post-clinic hours. Mounted certification will not be attained until Level 2 has been successfully completed.


EFL Mounted is a 3 day clinic with 15 hours post clinic work and associated documentation for successful completion.


Handbooks for each Level are provided as part of the clinic documentation – Level 1 Handbook at Level 1 clinic etc.  The criteria for post-clinic hours are also provided at each clinic. Please see clinic schedule or FB page for dates for upcoming clinics.

What is EFL?


Contemporary clinical research shows that close proximity to horses changes human brain wave patterns suggesting that humans can be transformed in a very positive way when in the presence of horses. Appropriate interaction with horses can therefore prove therapeutic to adults and children alike. Equine Facilitated Learning is an interaction between horses and people designed to promote experiential learning for all the participants.





The majority of sessions involve interacting with the horse from the ground and although riding is a possibility, most people will experience EFL and its many benefits in this way.

EFL promotes strategies to attain healthier relationships that in turn can improve wider group and family dynamics. EFL sessions bring together horses and people in a safe, supervised space designed to elicit positive and empowering interaction.

Julie Osbourne of the Capricorn Centre talks to Franklin Levinson and Elaine Hughes about EFL and the Facilitator Course…

What is AEFL?

Australian Equine Facilitated learning Pty Ltd (AEFL) has been established to promote awareness of and participation in interactions between horses and people in a way that is positive, fulfilling and safe for all parties involved.


It seeks to allow all participants – client, facilitator, horse, spectator, to experience the interaction in their own way and at their own level in a manner that each finds beneficial. AEFL will implement structures, guidelines, codes of practise and set out basic skills and safety levels to set standards for all involved in the practise of EFL.

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