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3 Day EFL Facilitators Level 2 Clinic



Welcome and Intros. Paperwork including Workbooks and Manuals

Horse Welfare

  • Why this is important to AEFL and EFL generally. What is it, what defines it and how is it practised.

  • Legislation governing horse welfare

  • Vital signs – what are they, how are they measured and what do they indicate

  • Documentation – what information should be documented, why and methods of recording

  • Environmental issues – what issues affect horse welfare and how can they be managed


Horsemanship – Long Lining (ground driving) and Liberty
How they have evolved, why they are useful generally and in relation to EFL

Practical Sessions

 Liberty and Long Lining




Recap/discussion of Day 1

Practical session

  • Vital signs 

  • Long Lining and Liberty


Client Work

  • Client Focused – what does this mean theoretically and in practise 

  • Documentation – keeping records; what of, why, how and legal implications

  • Funding – accessing funding for your EFL program




Recap/discussion of Day 3

Client Work

  • Challenging Behaviour – what is it, what does it mean, how to address it. Demonstration

  • Client sessions – group exercises to develop/incorporate clinic information

  • Client Emotional Safety – theory and practise of emotional safety in EFL.

  • Final discussions. Review of 3 days



To successfully become an AEFL Level 2 Facilitator, you will need to complete these assessment items

  1. Complete an minimum on 10 hours working with clients

  2. Evidence of both Horsemanship and Client work is required

  3. The Workbooks must be completed and returned within 3 months of completion of the clinic

  4. Evidence of hours to submitted by providing post session evaluations forms, video footage and client evaluation forms.

  5. Complete the Equine Nutrition 101 Module online (The Link will be provided)

Clinic Booking

All Clinic Bookings require a 25% deposit.
This can be made prior to your application/registration being accepted in order to hold your position in the clinic. If your
application/registration is not accepted your deposit will be immediately refunded.

If you cancel your position in the clinic less than 3 weeks prior to the clinic/workshop your deposit will not be returned.

Full payment for clinic/workshops etc (accommodation and catering if required) is required no later than 4 working days prior to clinic/workshop. All payments for clinic/workshops fee’s and AEFL Services are to be made out to Australian Equine Facilitated Learning Pty Ltd. Please contact us for all available payment options.

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