Junior Horsemanship Club

This club is only for those aged under 18 who want to learn and have fun with their horse or pony. If you are not lucky enough to have a four legged friend we can find one for you to borrow! It doesn’t matter what kind of discipline you’re from – English, Western, Natural, Bitless – or whether you want to compete or not, or even ride! The club aims to provide a wide variety of activities from horse care and welfare to Agility, TREC and even horse archery!

Good horsemanship is the basis of any equestrian activity and depends on having a solid relationship with your horse or pony based on trust and partnership. These foundations will be the building blocks for all future activities, whether competitive or not, and the club aims to provide all members with the tools to build this relationship.

There will be a core of regular instructors/trainers and hopefully a variety of guest trainers who specialise in different areas so that members get to see that there is so much more you can do with your equine friend. The club aims to meet once a month at different venues around the Melbourne suburbs so a variety of facilities and activities can be available and everyone gets a chance to see and do something different.

There will be no membership fees or uniforms (at this stage anyway) only an attendance fee of $25 (there will be an additional $10 fee if you want to borrow an equine friend).

Please see the events page for dates and venues. We hope to see you soon!

AEFLJunior Horsemanship Club