EFL Providers

The following providers have all successfully completed EFL Level 1 Training with AEFL and are considered competent to provide EFL sessions. They all have relevant insurance, first aid training and appropriate clearance for working with children ( WWC, Blucard etc ) Registered Programs also have facilities that comply with AEFL standards for running EFL sessions (both individual and group). For details of their particular speciality or costs please contact them direct.

AEFL Pty Ltd – Program provider

Address: Tooradin, Vic
Phone: 0457 705089
Contact: Elaine Hughes
Email: info@efl.net.au
Web: www.efl.net.au

The headquarters for AEFL Pty Ltd but we still like to “practice what we preach”! Most of our focus is on training and supporting other facilitators and programmes but we still provide EFL sessions for individuals and small groups.
From demonstrations and assessments to one-on-one tailored programmes most requirements can be accommodated. Please contact Elaine for more information.

Meet the Equine A Team and “Security”! They’re even more fun in person

Wedgetail Trail Rides – Facilitator

Address: Launching Place, Vic 3139
Phone: 0417 312602 / (03) 5967 4516
Contact: Kim Wren
Email: wedgetailrides@bigpond.com
Web: www.wedgetailrides.com.au

Kim Wren recognised her love of horses at a very early age, attending a friends’ riding school at every chance she could. Finally her first pony Tammy arrived. For the next decade and a half they were inseparable; attending pony clubs, competing in one to three day events, and state and zone game teams all over Victoria.
Her affinity with horses has never waned. She has been working for several years giving lessons to both children and adults, taking trail rides, leading her to complete training with Horse Safety Australia and Australian Equine Facilitated Learning (AEFL) to become a level 1 instructor.
For kids and adults working with horses is immensely rewarding. Kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy the pony playground, moving ponies through obstacles, and games and novelties like egg and spoon and sack race. Leading, brushing and feeding can be challenging and fun. For people who would like to explore the powerful nature of horse-human relationships, learn a new language – horse.

Sue Svetlik – Facilitator
Address: Misu Park, Bruthen, Vic
Phone: 0429 015 779
Contact: Sue Svetlik
Email: sue.svetlik@gmail.com, sue.svetlik@gmail.com

At Misu Park in Bruthen, we offer people with physical, intellectual social or emotional disabilities horse therapy and other equine activities, helping to improve learning, happiness and physical exercise in a safe and fun environment. Sue is a qualified EFL facilitator, RDA level 1 coach and a qualified Intellectual Disability Service Officer with 45 years involvement with horses.

Sue McKibbin – Facilitator

Address: 193 Old Telegraph Rd East, Rokeby, Vic
Phone: 0408 515716 / (03)5626-8226
Contact: Sue McKibbin
Email: sue@mckibbin.net
Web: www.mayflowerridge.com

Equine Facilitated Learning at Mayflower Ridge, Rokeby (near Warragul)
Working and playing with horses can be very stimulating and life enhancing for children and adults. The skills learned or refined from the games played or challenges overcome can contribute to the development of self confidence, patience, problem solving and communication. Its also lots of fun!
We have several horses of differing size and personality, and a wonderful partly covered arena, which enables sessions to continue in nearly all weather. Activities are adapted to the needs of each student.
Lessons can be booked individually or as a series of 4 – 6 sessions. Contact Sue for a preliminary assessment and discussion of student’s interests.
Sue is also an RDA Level 1 Coach, a Feldenkrais Practitioner, and is currently working towards becoming a TTEAM and Connected Riding practitioner.

Holistic Equitation – Program provider

Address: Euroa-Mansfield Road, Merton, Victoria
Phone: (03) 5773 4205
Contact: Jo Sheval
Email: admin@holisticequitation.com.au
Web: www.holisticequitation.com.au

Grey Horse Learning – Program provider

Address: 80 Clintons Road Smiths Gully Victoria 3760
Phone: 0418 521 048 / (03) 9710 1374
Contact: Maggie Broom
Email: greyhorselearning@gmail.com
Web: www.greyhorselearning.weebly.com

Maggie works with young people undergoing a variety of transitions and difficulties, and incorporates Equine Facilitated Learning to bring out a variety of abilities they may have and of which they are unaware. This gives young people an opportunity to experience mastery, creative thinking, problem-solving and conflict resolution in practical ways with the horses as teachers and guides. Here I offer coaching in ways of engaging the horse in a partnership and providing strategies for developing a trusting and respectful relationship between horse and person. Parallels between working with the horse and everyday encounters with others emerge in the sessions, with clients able to compare and contrast relations with the horse and relations with friends and family. EFL activities are also ideally suited to young people on the autism spectrum, as a portal to increased communication and self-regulation. Working and playing with horses provides opportunities ranging from psychotherapy to personal development to leadership skillbuilding. It can be challenging, fun and immensely satisfying. Often it can be profoundly rewarding. Please see website for more detailed information on Maggie and the range of services she provides.

Elizabeth Deniss – Program provider

Address: PO Box 963, Bridgetown, WA 6255
Phone: 9761 1261 or 0402 432 968
Contact: Elizabeth Deniss
Email: elizabeth@rafalifejourney.com
Web: rafalifejourney.com

A diploma qualified life coach with 10 years youth and community development experience. Elizabeth is also an accredited Equine Raindrop Technique practitioner and instructor who utilises essential oils to assist clients, and horses, release emotional and physical trauma as part of their life journey.

Elizabeth works with wild born horses to assist children and teens having difficulties at home or school as well as adults seeking a stronger connection with their authentic self. Horses interact with people without judgement or preconception and the wild born horse is distinctly pure in their interactions and responses with humans. This purity allows the client an opportunity for self-review from a clear and safe perspective.

Offering inividual equine faciliated learning sessions in both Bridgetown and Nannup, in the south west of Western Australia, Elizabeth is also the Program Co-ordinator for the Shire of Bridgetown – Greenbushes EFL program (funded by the Disability Services Commission). Elizabeth also offers the unique Equine Experience” – a three day retreat at the beautiful Wadi Farm (Nannup) where participants can experience the tranquility of rural life, enjoy tailored EFL sessions and commune with nature, sharing in herd dynamics with horses born in the Australian outback. The retreat also allows time for quiet relaxation and renewal including meditation, aromatherapy and massage so participants can process the learning of their daily expereiences.

Redgum Walers – Facilitator
Address: PO Box 74 Rosewood Qld 4340 (listed online as “Thagoona Qld”)
Phone: 0418 781 223
Contact: Elizabeth Jennings
Email: redgumwalers@gmail.com
Web: www.redgum-waler.com

Facilitator Information: Redgum Walers Equine Facilitated Learning Centre is situated 45 minutes SW of Brisbane and offers equine therapy to individuals and small groups with a variety of needs including but not limited to PTSD, developmental delays and physical disability.

Elizabeth has been breeding, training and competing Australian Waler horses since 1989 and aims to facilitate the safe and positive interaction between horses and people.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.


Anne Smith – Facilitator

Address: 20 Cox’s Road, Calulu, Vic 3875
Phone: 0418 100965
Contact: Anne Smith
Email: rksams@tpg.com.au

Anne has been involved with horses for 53 years getting her first pony at a very young age! Anne has also done trail rides at a school camp for 9 years working with a varied age group, from grade three to high school.  During this time Anne saw the positive effect horses can have in helping pe0ple with confidence and self esteem.  Then after doing more study and research Anne wanted to work with horses to help people learn better life skills

Anne offers sessions for people with intellectual, social and emotional disabilities.  There are a number of activities and games that can be done with horses to help with self confidence, communication and to help improve life skills in a fun and safe environment.  Anne offers sessions for both children and adults and sessions are adapted to the suit the needs of each client.  Contact Anne for further details

AEFLEFL Providers